Drive in Films bring all forms of Entertainment to a GIANT screen for you to enjoy from the safety and comfort of your vehicle. This includes; great films, live comedy shows and inspirational musical performances.

Due to the Covid-19 we require all attendees to stay in or by their vehicles, except for rest breaks. This helps to keep our staff and all our customers safe. To support this our booking process includes all elements of a drive-in night – the view, the entertainment and the refreshments. We take our responsibilities to providing as safe an environment as possible very seriously, by having pre-ordered refreshments and free delivery to your car door we believe this  reduces the risks for all. We thank you for your support and for adhering to the rules.

Follow our guide below to make your booking and viewing experiences run smoothly.


  1. Select location & film
  2. Book tickets for each person
  3. Gain a Car parking ticket
  4. Pre-order refreshments
  5. Pay and gain tickets


  1. Display tickets with QR codes in your car window
  2. Ticket Scanned
  3. Wait for directions
  4. Park up and get comfy
  5. Delivery of pre-ordered refreshments


  1. Order extras, pay online
  2. Delivered to your car
  3. Interval break delivery
  4. Go home with a


  1. Tune to FM audio signal on arrival
  2. Use the power of your
    in car stereo
  3. Listen to the
    pre-show party
  4. Get comfy and check in to the event on facebook
  5. Enjoy the movie


Booking for Drive In Films is a 3 step process. The aim of which is to ensure we keep people safe. We aim to provide the drive in Films experience with as little transmission opportunities for the Covid-19 virus as possible.

To attend a Drive In Films event you are required to have booked online;

  1. A car parking space.
  2. A ticket for each person attending.

    You will be issued a QR code as part of your tickets that we will need to scan to give you entrance. This is all achieved without the need to touch paper or your phone – please present the QR codes to our team on entrance.

  3. You should pre-order refreshments, this helps us to give you a simple and risk reduced service. Please note it is not possible to bring in your
    own refreshments as you will be attending the event at a licenced venue. All ordering for Drive In Films is cashless and payment online is required.












Due to Covid-19 risks we won’t be running a conventional bar/food offer, we will helpfully have a delivery service to your car door. By pre-ordering this enables our customers to be fully served in a safe way for both staff and guests. During the events, ‘Live Ordering’ with free delivery to your car door will also be available to top up refreshments, should this be required.

We are actively limiting the number of cars and people on site. The reason for this is two fold; it allows better views of the screen for all and ensures we have ample facilities. These facilities will be staffed by a full time janitor in attendance and we will operate a one in, one out policy with social distancing measures requested to be followed.

In the heat of the summer we will only be running our screenings in the evening as the sun sets, making the in car experience more comfortable out of the possible blazing heat of a summers day.

Our staff will be issued with approriate PPE including gloves and face masks to keep them and our guests as safe as possible.

We ask our guests to remain inside or with their vehicles when on site (except for rest breaks) and to respect the current social distancing guidance that the authorities issue and update frequently. Your co-operation and assistance will ensure we all have a safe and enjoyable evening.


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